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    Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
    I like how they didn't appear. Hildbert/Hilda would represent the character from BW, and it would be weird because since we've all played those games, it would be kind of representing our characters in a way. Plus they would have different teams and ofc names that ours, and I guess it would just be weird to have Gamefreak come in and basically say, "Those characters you played as two years ago aren't canon, these are the canon ones." I hope that made sense, it's kind of hard to explain! :3

    I liked better how they would just reference our name in the BW2 storyline, weirdly enough.
    They did the same thing with you in RBY in GSC and you FRLG in HGSS and no one was complaining, I think the same would be with this, I'm just sad they didn't make it in :C
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