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Oh, I've dealt with King Mong a few times before in a vehicle but he dropped nothing of interest. ):

And that Conference Call is awesome, although I never use slagged weapons now because Phaselock automatically slags them for me! How are you liking it? Who did you have to farm for it and what was Ozzy's technique?!

HOWEVER! I've made some progress with legendaries. On a whim, while I was in the area, I decided to go fight the two hunter people (or something haha) out in The Dust near the area with all the spiderants and just happened to get really lucky - one of them dropped this absolute beauty! At first I was a bit shaky with it given its pretty rapid ammo consumption, but using it for a while oh god it is absolutely lethal. Just mows down huge lines of enemies in seconds with its burst fire. And on top of that, I beat The Warrior in my Siren playthrough and he immediately dropped this shotgun! Unfortunately I don't like it very much. It consumes ammo heavily, has a set attack range, and honestly due to how extremely wide its spread is, does very little damage to targets that don't die to a single shot usually. I expected it to have a really high fire rate to make up for these downfalls but... it doesn't. Indeed, it's got one of the lower rates I've ever used - and you're unable to sprint or in general get away from attacks during preparation for the next shot. It's good with large numbers of Rakk or Midgets but... so are most weapons in my experience. So for me it's much too of a niche weapon, if that, to be really useful for keeping on me. I put it in the Bank for safekeeping though because I was really surprised that I managed to get it to drop so easily!

Anyway, I've been making progress as I said. Just finished killing Flynt (who I always, and still do, find to be pretty overpowered - it took a fair few Phaselocks and a good amount of work from the Veruc, which is still absolutely shining despite being somewhat under levelled, to get through him) and I'm on my way to Sanctuary. I worked hard in my first playthough to get to a decent level and I believe I'm 36 now, so the plan is to get through TVHM as soon as possible so I can start getting level 50 unique items and legendaries from scaled missions and bosses as well as getting some friends together to take on the Raid Bosses. Since I FREAKING HATE THRESHERS, Terramorphous is first on my list. ;]
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