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    What a Strange Soul...


    Ange ignored this for a moment, looking between the now-named Solomon and Krissu with interest. She didn't attempt to hide this in the slightest, taking an only minor note of interest when Solomon stared at Sia. Was Sia special? Why had Benjy chosen it for her? Did he know something she could not? Then again, he had known quite a lot. Benjy always knew a lot, didn't he?

    Wait... something about this... it didn't feel right.

    She then shrugged it off, watching the interactions rather curiously. Solomon was... well, he didn't seem nice exactly, but he couldn't be that bad. He simply appeared a bit harsh, at least that was how Ange saw it. He had been polite to Krissu, so he couldn't have been all bad. Or maybe... maybe for some reason, it hurt his mouth to talk so he didn't like to. But that would be odd... and he sounded okay. Huh. Ange would have no idea how to explain that then... except for the possibility of him not being nice. That couldn't be though... could it?

    How odd....

    Oh... Krissu was talking to her... right...

    "Sure," she replied cheerfully, getting up to move next to her temporary partner. She was happy to go north... she just didn't know which way North was. Ange almost said something as they walked, but when Sia bounced onto her red head she forgot quickly, giggling at her starter's cheer and nonchalance. "Is my team... bad for the Gym?" She knew next to nothing about Falkner and Flying-type Pokemon. Heck, she barely knew a thing about Pokemon.

    Mister Solomon sure seemed to know a lot, having been staring like that at Sia. Was Sia special somehow? Hm...
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."