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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Ok, I got a question...

So I have succesfully replaced the FireRed Battle Background! Yay! ^_^

Now here's the problem when I enter the battle it looks like this.

So anyone having the same problem and have a way to fix this? I think this is something with the raw pallete map right? Or maybe something to do with the palletes.
It looks like you've only partially set which palette your background should use, rather than all of it. If you open your tileset/ tilemap combo in NTME, scroll down and switch to the palette view there should be a large section of the tilemap which has a different palette to the one you want. Reassign the palette used by these tiles, reinsert the tilemap and everything should look okay in-game.

It also looks like the white tiles are repeating over and over again, so I'm assuming that you haven't edited the lower half of the tilemap at all. You're going to have to do this as well if you want a seamless transition in the opening battlescreen.