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    Originally Posted by Zupplu View Post
    While I agree graphics could be better, like Super Mario 3D land, OoT and MK7, they really don't need to be. Pokemon isn't a game that has thrived due to eye candy, it's thrived because it's really fun! This is GF's first try at 3D, and i'd say they've done a darn good job at it. It is a nice art style for a Pokemon game! And they'll probably get better closer to release! n_n
    Yep, I'm cutting Gamefreak some slack here seeing as this is the first time a core Pokemon title has gone 3D, but I expect great things in the future. Pokemon should have gone full 3d years ago, so this was a long time coming IMO, but like I said, I'll go easy on em for X and Y. I'm just happy it finally has gone 3d. Better late than never, right?
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