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    -PART 2-
    -Headed to Vermillion City and trained all around Viridian City. (Route to the left, Digletts Cave, SS Anne)
    -Gorilla's evolved into Parasect on its way through the SS Anne.
    -Won Richard using Ketchum's Thunderbolt on Pidgeotto, Ketchum's Brick Break on Raticate, Leonardo's Water Pulse on Kadabra and Gorilla's Secret Power on Ivysaur. WIN!
    -Got Cut.
    -Did LT Surges gym and won Surge using Roxanna's Magnitude to sweep.
    -Roxanna evolved during Surges Gym.
    -Headed up to dark cave.
    -Got through the Dark Cave.
    -Went and caught Vulpix (strong against ast caught Pokemon-Paras), named him Naruto.
    -Trained Naruto to level 20, then buy coins for Flamethrower TM.
    -Didn't have enough, so ROCKET GAME CORNER BATTLES!
    -Game Corner up Erika!
    -Did Celadon Gym.
    -Evolved Naruto and Ketchum into Ninetails and Raichu respectively.
    -Defeated Erika using a Naruto Flamethrower sweep.
    -END PART-
    Leonardo/WARTORTLE-Level 32/Docile/Male-Water Pulse/Bite/Tackle/Protect
    Ketchum/RAICHU-Level 31/Bashful/Male-Thunderbolt/Brick Break/Dig/Mega Kick
    Roxanna/GRAVELLER-Level 30/Adamant/Female-Rock Slide/Magnitude/Mega Punch/Defense Curl
    Gorillas/PARASECT-Level 31/Lax/Male-Leech Life/Giga Drain/Aerial Ace/Spore
    Naruto/NINETAILS-Level 28/Jolly/Male-Flamethrower/Quick Attack/Will-o-Wisp/Confuse Ray
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