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    I wouldn't want to even make a guess if it WILL be in the games or not, but I think what's most needed is a couple of 150 base power or better Poison moves, preferably even without recoil and with at least 90% accuracy, just because Poison's coverage is so poor that pretty much all they have going for them is neutral stab, but they don't have powerful enough moves to even take advantage of that. Currently, the most powerful Poison moves are 70% accuracy 120 point Gunk Shot (the same power and even worse accuracy than Hydro Pump) and 100% accuracy 95 point Sludge Wave (same as Surf). Most of the other offensive types have at least a couple of 150 point moves, and they've got better STAB coverage as well. That would go a long way toward making Poisons more viable, and without having to mess with the type chart.

    Other than that, I'm content to be surprised.
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