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Originally Posted by outfox View Post
Great cover, Jake :o It's...extremely difficult to give criticisms, not only because you did a wonderful job, but because I know real life vs. recording- especially when you lack more equipment than your voice and internal mic- are very different. And I don't know a thing about good production materials, so I can't really offer you any advice there. I would suggest you open your mouth a little wider when you sing (whoa dejavu just happened for some reason), but how could I when I have the same problem? :p You may just prefer that style of singing anyway, and I wouldn't want to discourage you from being unique. That high note near the end was a little rocky, but you brought it down with a really nice vibrato which evened it out. :D
That's what happens when my webcam sucks, I have no vocal training/technique, and I only do one take and don't care what it sounds like! But thanks for the positive comments and the critique, I appreciate it!

Just to comment on your latest recording, I have to mention that your vibrato is fantastic. Like seriously, I'm loving it. That and the piano playing is great, as is your singing. Honestly I have nothing to really compare it to (because I have no idea what the original is =x), but great job!