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    This roleplay is a crossover between the Hunger Games and Pokemon. Essentially, your character will be participating in the Hunger Games, but rather than being able to grab weapons or other survival tools at the start, they can grab Pokeballs. What Pokemon is inside? You'll have to find out later.

    I'm assuming, if you entered this thread, you're somewhat familiar with the Hunger Games plot. If not, here's a rundown anyway, and a refresher if you need it. :3
    Essentially, the despotic government has split the country of Panem up into twelve districts, and to keep the districts divided and afraid, hosts a competition once a year called the Hunger Games. From each of the twelve districts, one male tribute and one female tribute between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen by random drawing. Then, the tributes are taken to an arena, controlled by the Capitol, and are forced to fight to the death until only one remains. The winner would be showered in riches, but the rest are... obviously... dead.
    In the beginning, the tributes get stylists, and go on interviews, and such, to win sponsors who will later send them survival supplies as they are competing in the games. But, we'll skip that part, because I have a feeling roleplaying all of that out will make people impatient and make the roleplay die before we get to the fun parts....
    What is key here is that everyone starts from a small platform, that they can only step off of once the countdown finishes. If they step off early, they just get blown up. And, surrounding the start, there are weapons for killing the other tributes, and survival supplies to keep yourself alive. There is usually a massive bloodbath here at the start where the tributes kill each other over best supplies, though some tributes choose to avoid the bloodbath and just leave with no supplies.
    However, in this roleplay, the supplies are 24 Pokeballs, each with a Pokemon inside. This means that if it worked out the way it was supposed to, one tribute would have one Pokemon. Surely, though, the stronger/faster tributes will make out with multiple Pokemon, and the weaker/slower may end up with none, unless they can scheme a way to take someone else's later on... That said, the tributes can use their Pokemon any way they can think of. Battle it out with other tributes, and the winner uses their Pokemon to kill the loser. Water Pokemon can be a source of drinking water, grass types can provide food, et cetera. If worst comes to worse, kill and eat your own Pokemon, but know that leaves you essentially unarmed. Unless a sponsor smiles upon you, and another Pokeball gets dropped in for you to find... but you've got to be a likable tribute for that to happen.

    1) The rating is M, so violence can get... well, violent. People will die. Pokemon will die, and possibly be eaten. Heck, even people can be eaten, but that usually doesn't earn you sponsors. :3
    2) That said, don't let it get super duper duper graphic, or super duper sexual. Characters can have fade-to-black moments, but obviously black must be faded to.
    3) Basic rules apply: good grammar, no bunnying. That stuff.
    4) Posts of 100-500 words sound good? Decent length, but no wall-o-texts.
    5) I'm not making any characters that will be competing, instead I'll be the... President Snow and Seneca Crane of the competition, if you will. I'll make posts describing where the food is located, what obstacles are programmed in and when they appear, who gets what Pokemon, and when sponsors send things in. But I wouldn't also have a character compete, because that just wouldn't be fair now would it?
    6) Speaking of characters, you each make 2, one male and one female. They can be from the same district, or 2 different districts, but I doubt I can find 24 whole people to fill my humble little roleplay, so everyone make two characters.
    7) If your characters both die, you're not out of the RP for good. Join me in an OOC thread as a gamemaker that helps decide what challenges should be presented to those remaining. :D
    8) I think that's about all the rules I can think of.

    Sign Up
    Training Score (Out of 12):

    Spots Taken
    District 1 - Luxury
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 2 - Masonry
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 3 - Technology
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 4 - Fishing
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 5 - Power
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 6 - Transportation
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 7 - Lumber
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 8 - Textiles
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 9 - Grain
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 10 - Livestock
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 11 - Agriculture
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    District 12 - Mining
    Male tribute -
    Female tribute -

    Available Pokemon
    The following twenty-four Pokemon are inside the Pokeballs at the Cornucopia. The Pokemon are meant to symbolize the Districts in some way, and there is a "fair" mix of weak and strong...
    - Gible
    - Deino
    - Larvitar
    - Rhyhorn
    - Klink
    - Magnemite
    - Magikarp
    - Feebas
    - Pikachu
    - Emolga
    - Pidgey
    - Hoothoot
    - Snover
    - Bonsly
    - Ralts
    - Gothita
    - Caterpie
    - Weedle
    - Tauros
    - Miltank
    - Cottonee
    - Petilil
    - Geodude
    - Roggenrola
    More are possible if you know how to get sponsors. :3

    May the odds be ever in your favor!
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