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    The music reminds me of something you'd find in Chao world. It's nice, upbeat and has that beginning feel to it. In terms of the video itself, I love the starting screen. The menu really flows nicely and I think you've nailed the interface. The intro itself is nice, but at times the screen looks way too empty. The professor talking is absolutely fine, except for the grass which should be moved downwards a little as she looks as if she's standing on the edge of it. The Pidgey has this problem as well except horizontally. I also think the character selection is a little bit plain, maybe having one zoom in a lot more when hovering over it? Because at the moment I think the characters aren't shown well enough. Same thing when you've chosen the character, I think it really needs to be closer up because it is very empty (which might be problematic down the road with your bigger screen - something you should keep in mind if you already aren't ;P).

    Other then that the art is amazingly clean and fits the games style perfectly. Especially the speech bubble text, I freaking love that. Good luck on completing your hack!