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    Originally Posted by TheOrangePichu View Post
    Interesting, I have been editing moves myself and haven't come across this yet. Could you please clarify on this? I am slightly confused of what a 00 command is.

    Also, not sure if this has been discovered, but if you wish to easily find the data for a move, find the animation pointer (I suggest using Gamer2020's PGE Attack Editor for it) and highlight the bytes of the animation until you reach the following bytes together:

    08 00 XX 27

    This string tells us that an animation has just ended and is moving onto a new on. Make sure to highlight everything up to the 08. DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THE 00 XX 27.

    XX refers to, and my guess, the image data for the next animation.
    The 00 command is what you are describing in your post- the 00 XX 27 blocks that occur at the start of many animation scripts. It takes the next two bytes as parameters and loads image data. I should warn that they do not occur in *all* animation scripts- Sky Attack, Doom Desire, and Haze are noteworthy exceptions, and some animations use 00 XX 28 instead. Also, it doesn't have to be at the beginning, but that is how every in-game animation that I've looked at that doesn't branch does it.

    While I'm here, I've isolated another command- 1C is used for playing a sound repeatedly. It's used in Needle Arm, PoisonPowder, and probably a number of other moves. It takes five bytes- the first two indicate what sound to play, the fourth controls the delay between sounds, and the fifth controls how many times to play the sound. I'm not sure what the third byte is for but it's 3F in all the cases I've looked at.

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