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    You could call me a little obsessive about training. I like to have my party be at level 75 before taking on the E4+1. Makes it seem easy and I get to go around the region looking at things i otherwise skipped. Training for me seems fun (or am i just different :/) and thus the E4+1 always seem easy. Cynthia is always a challenge if you arent prepared, or if you flat get unlucky. Alder was sufficiently weakened in B2/W2 as A) he is no longer the champ and B) you get to challenge him on your own time, which appears to be the trend when weakening trainers in the series.
    However, his weakening could also be to emphasize the strength of Alder's "heir" in black city/white Forrest. His grandson(? check me on that) has the highest levels of pokemon in the game and is a tough match if you arent going at him with lvl100's. Could the "heir" play a role in upcoming games? twist...
    My warped take and all this "weak" talk. pfft. Good Luck

    Regards, Chris
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