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Poll of the Month Rules & Procedures

What Is Poll of the Month?

In short: we pick out a thread here in CCP to be, well, the Poll of the Month. Generally it's chosen for being a higher quality poll than the rest made in that time frame. It's a thread that sticks out from the crowd, one that'll make you think more than usual, or maybe it's just one that's more enjoyable to post in than others.

The idea of PotM is to reward high-quality polls, and we will do so by sticking your thread for the next month. There is also shiny emblem to be won! Everybody loves emblems. If they know what's good for them, anyway.

So, if you ever dreamed about having a sticky thread and/or having another emblem in your collection, this is the contest for you!

The Procedure

Threads made throughout the month in question are all eligible. Ie a poll made in June is eligible for the June PotM.

- The two CCP moderators will choose 8 threads for nominations and will be posted by the first day of the next month
- A poll will be posted, where members will pick which thread is best-suited for Poll of the Month.
- The poll will close one week from when it was opened, and the new Poll of the Month will be stickied!

Procedure is subject to change. :p

The Rules

  • All threads made within the time frame will be automatically considered for PotM.
  • There is no poll limit. Make threads to your heart's content!
  • While there is no poll limit, only one thread made by a person can be a candidate.
  • You cannot win PotM two months in a row. Any threads made in the voting period after your PotM will not be considered, but any made the period after that will be added again.
  • Please don't vote for your own polls if one of yours is nominated. That's just tacky.
  • Since the mods are nominating the weekly polls, any threads we make are automatically ineligible.
  • If two threads or more threads are tied for Poll of the Week, the moderators will break the tie.
  • IMPORTANT: Everyone must cast two votes during the voting period. If you vote for one or for three or more polls, any votes made by you will be null and void
  • Rules may be added or edited if need be; one of the mods will inform you in the next voting post if any of the rules have been changed.

Previous Poll of the Month Winners:

Here is a directory to the previous PotM winners. Please be aware that these threads are all over month old, so please do not post in them. This is for viewing purposes, only.
As always, feel free to send one of us a PM with any questions. Thanks for your time!

- Shining Raichu, & Dakota

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