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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
The problem with reaching out to the other people who desire these kinds of interactions, Astinus, is that we don't really have many ways to do that other than by advertising, which we obviously can't do.
Other than a hopeful word of mouth? Not really.

I know that PC comes up first for "pokemon forums" in Google's search, and on my Google it shows little links to different forums. All of PC's leads to ROM hacking, while SPPf (the second result) has their Fanfiction board as an extra link. I don't know at all if those are chosen in a way or not. Either way, PC's fic community isn't really all that known. (Actually, in a few fandom discussions I've been in, PC wasn't really talked about as much as BMGf and SPPf, but I guess that's because those forums also have main websites to go with them.)

The above paragraph may make little sense. Feel free to question what I'm talking about.

I think right now that the best course of action would be to start small in getting new people in. Get those who sign up to PC and just so happen to be interested in writing to check us out by posting in introduction threads. And then, if they stay and make FF&W active, then we should look towards the outside. But first we need to start small.

So first: Discussion threads ideas. We'll get those going, along with the game threads.
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