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Actually, on second thought, could I have a re-roll? ;; I thought Beedrill, Quagsire, Kingler, Ariados, and Corsola would be a nice challenge but it's proving harder than I'd like, at least for my very first challenge lol. Trying to win against the first gym, Falkner, with just a Wooper and a Beedrill ... ya I just keep dying XD

Here's my sign-up again if needed
Thanks in advance!

Name: LovingLife17
Game: SoulSilver (Johto Dex)
Number of Pokemon: 5
Restrictions: I would appreciate it if NFE Pokemon were excluded
Oh and I would also like for none of the Pokemon to be HeartGold exclusive (i.e. Spinarak/Ariados) because I don't have any easy way to trade lol, thanks :3