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dpd: Thank you for the kind words, they're very encouraging.

And, it's a bunny with wooden antlers, from them growing a tree in which birds once nested, until the bunny found a carrot. :o

Thank you for suggesting "breathing room," that never occurred to me and it gives me a whole new outlook on the usage of space. I'll be sure to be more cautious with cropping next time around. As for presentation quality, all I have to work with is my cell-phone camera…which, frankly, blows hairy balls. I'm investing in a scanner though.

I would love to give the pokemon piece some color, I'll get on that as soon as I have the means to. Meaning, when I do an awesome job waiting tables on Tuesday, I'll be taking a trip to Hobby Lobby. I'd like to try my hand in pastels or acrylics, but I'm a little nervous about wasting my money when I discover I'm no good at using either. I might just end up buying a value-pack of crayons from the grocery store. :p

Thank you for all the great advice :)

Alexial: I appreciate you encouraging individual interpretation. That's what I want viewers to get out of my creations more than anything. I'm sure that's what many artists strive for.

Thanks for the advice concerning the teacup bird. I'd originally planned to give up on it, but your ideas are encouraging! I'll definitely continue working on it, just for you. :p

I may add some small clouds to the one with the fakemon, with a light blue backdrop. Simple, perhaps, but it would at least give it a complete sort of feeling.

All these kind words really mean heaps to me. :)

xxkaylabby: Thank you! I definitely intend to elaborate on the tree-side of the bunny, I just haven't finished that piece yet :) The reason I post my works before they're finished is to gather inspiration from ya'll's (howdy, Texan here) feedback. Anyway, I don't consider any of my works to be complete. :p That said, I truly appreciate your suggestions. I'll work on that detail!
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