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    I kind of want it to be similar to previous games, but also different. So, you go to the professor's lab, but as you walk in, the three starter pokemon run out the door, and through the town. The professor then comes out and says they escaped, and asks for your help to catch them. You say yes, then as you leave the town, there are 3 paths (fire, water, grass), and the professor tells you to pick one, and he/she will get another path, and his/her assistant will take the other. After you choose a path, the professor gives you a pokeball to catch the starter (or maybe return the starter to the ball), and then you go on the path.Then you have to look a bit to find the starter, and then you proceed to catch it. I was also thinking at this part, you may have a battle with either the rival or the evil team, but that's just an extra thought.