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    I play Borderlands 1 and 2 on the PS3. I have started playing Borderlands 2 again, only because I just realized a few days ago that Torgue's Campaign was released two months ago, and Big Game Hunt will be available in two days.

    Speaking of legendaries, I still find the drop rate of them by bosses to be extremely terrible, to the point where i'd prefer farming the treasure room in the Leviathan. (I have obtained a majority of my legendaries from those chests)

    The Bee was my first legendary drop. The Blockhead was my second, then the longbow. My forth legendary (Breath of Terramorphus, his grenade, whatever it's called) was obtained in a treasure chest in the Caustic Caverns in TVHM, and my other ones were from the Leviathan chests.

    My main character is a Maya, because her phaselock is very useful and I rarely see support based Maya characters in multiplayer. (My build allows me to solo well and be a great support with revive + phaselock healing, as well as have 2 second cooldown between phaselocks by using Legendary Siren + Purple Cooldown Relic)

    Sadly enough, the only legendary gun I use is my Proactive B---h, (censored, but you can figure out what the gun is) mainly because of how many times it's saved my life when i'm down. As far as shotguns go, my purple shotgun is my most preferred over my legendaries because it actually deals an insane amount of damage for a rare shotgun, but has terrible accuracy. However, that's what is expected from a gun manufactured by Jakobs. Actually, three of my main guns are from Jakobs, my revolver which does 15k+ damage, my sniper which does 21k+ damage and has bonus 180% critical damage, and my shotgun I just mentioned. My other frequently used gun is a vladof slag machine pistol which has a very fast fire rate, (it shoots faster than any of my SMGs) good accuracy, recoil, and has a quick reload speed.

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