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Ultimate Fighting Monotype Challenge HeartGold Update #1

Name: Huggs
Starter: Champ the Cyndaquil
Rival: Muggs

-Champ took on the first two gym leaders with no issue. In fact, the part that gave him the most trouble was the rival fight right before Ilex Forest, which took a couple tries to get right
-Went into Ilex Forest, taught Champ Headbutt, then went back to Azalea Town to catch the first real member of the team, Ringo the Heracross
-Realized I kind of messed up by using Champ to beat Bugsy, because I could have caught a Poliwag with the Old Rod beforehand. Quickly headed back to Violet City to catch Asha, the next member of the team
-Caught a Drowzee on Route 34 then traded him in the Goldenrod Department Stote for my old friend Muscle the Machop
-Whitney wasn’t hard but it was annoying. Damn flinch hax.
-Got to Ecruteak City



Ringo the Heracross ♂, Lv. 19
Ability: Guts
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Asha the Poliwag ♀, Lv. 20
Ability: Damp
-Rain Dance
-Water Gun

Muscle the Machop ♀, Lv. 23
Ability: Guts
-Seismic Toss
-karate Chop

HM Slaves:
Champ the Quilava: Cut