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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
Pricing out just the first page for now, as that's a lot of cards to be pricing in one go (as in, the one furthest to the left).
Gyarados Base Set (non-shadowless): $3 to $6.
Dark Gyarados Team Rocket: Is that the holo or the non-holo? I can't tell, but since it doesn't seem to affect its price much, holo version is $1 to $3, while non-holo version is $0.75 to $1.50.
Poliwrath Base Set (non-shadowless): $2 to $4.
Vaporeon Jungle holo: $3 to $6.
Lapras Fossil non-holo: $0.75 to $1.50.
Blastoise Base Set (non-shadowless): $10 to $15.
1st Edition Smeargle Neo Discovery: $10 to $15.
Japanese Neo Genesis Kingdra: $1 to $3.
Japanese Gym 2 Giovanni's Gyarados: $2 to $4.

Post here again with the page you'd most like evaluated next, so I remember to price it.

Your picture doesn't work on my end, so, I will be guessing which cards you mean just based on that small bit of info:

Jungle Scyther - I need info on whether this is first edition or not, as that affects the price of it somewhat.
Breloom ex: Ruby and Sapphire (reverse holo of a non-holo rare card): $0.75 to $1.50

Shining Charizard Neo Destiny: $30 to $40 USD, which is about $28 to $38 AUD.

PSA 10 Neo Revelation Celebi: Considering the ungraded version is $5 to $10, I'd have to guess it's between $20 and $25, since I don't have a large sample size of completed listings to go off for the ungraded cards and no listings to go off of for the graded English cards.

PSA 6 graded version of the card is probably $5 to $10, but, again, I don't have a large sample size of ungraded sold completed listings to go off of.

I'd like to hear the prices on the first edition dark charizard page please, the one with nothing but fire pokemon.

And to clarify, every page is nothing but holos.
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