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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Quite a big update I saw. Congrats for that. By the way have you saw the screenie I posted earlier about that Gamer guy? Also I want to ask you about the move Dragon Claw of my Garchomp. I tried using Swords Dance with it but it's Attack damage remains the same...
Yeah, the gamer guy is meant to be that way. He never won a battle so I set his Pokemon up that way. Dragon Claw was considered a sp.atk in 3rd gen, so swords dance won't help it. Garchomp's Swords Dance + Earthquake combo pretty much 1 or 2 hit KOs the entire game. So when you're using swords dance, go with that move as a follow up. Or use Iron Head, Brick Break, or Stone Edge. Those are Chomp's best Atk moves I believe.