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→ Route 30

“I’ll be quite alright,” Solomon replied to Krissu mildly. “Your concern is...touching. Falkner and his birds will be nothing but a down comforter with which I tuck my Pokemon into bed at night. This, I promise you.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a pokeball, loosing the pokémon from its confines with one practiced move. What took place on the ground was an elegant Sneasel.

Krissu had always liked that pokémon, but before she could even say anything about it now, the Sneasel jumped up and tried to touch her pink hair. It didn't scare her, but surprised her enough to make her let out a little whelp and take a few steps backwards. Solomon put a verbal leash on his pokémon soon enough though, making it fall back to his side.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.” The male trainer looked from Krissu to Ange and back again. “I must make my departure with upmost haste. I have a quest from the Mayor to turn in. I’ll be sure to be vigilant for these...bugs.”

"Oh," Krissu said. Solomon began walking away and she couldn't find better words, cursing herself for it as she followed him with her gaze. What a... different guy. Not at all cheerful and annoying like most of the players in Cherrygrove. Just... confident and alone. At least she thought he seemed pretty alone. But he did have his Sneasel. Krissu furrowed her brow; she would like to capture a Sneasel one day as well.

Together, Ange and Krissu walked on north, almost crawling through the thick vegetation at times. This maybe had not been the right path to choose after all... Then again, at least they met another player rather than NPC trainers forcing battles upon them.

"Is my team... bad for the Gym?"

The sudden question made Krissu halt and look back at the other girl. She looked up at Krissu with a face that told her that Ange had just been thinking about something that worried her. The pink haired girl hesitated; she had never been a good friend who cared a lot about the feelings of others. Mostly she had been engrossed in her own thoughts and interests and been bored by the problems of others. But now she wasn't Christina. Maybe she could change. She now knew that she had herself to blame for her rather lonely childhood. With a sigh that she hoped that Ange didn't take note on, she replied.

"Solosis is definitely not a bad pokémon when it comes to fighting flying-types. Since it's flying, or levitating, on its own, it can hopefully be agile enough to not evade some of Falkner's attacks. As for Caterpie..." She scratched her head hesitantly. She knew she would never go up against a deadly bird trainer with a bug up front. "If you train it diligently before you challenge the gym, it can turn into a beautiful Butterfree. They should have many trixy moves, sleep powders and things, that you can maybe use."

She hoped that she had gotten the girls' hopes up at least a little bit with that. Turning back and looking up front, she then noticed something between the trees that was definitely not a rock or a tree. It was a house. Could they have reached Violet City already?

"Ange, look! Come on!" she said and started running. She came to a stop in front of a small house on a lawn, in the middle of nowhere in the forest. Some berry trees grew in the yard, but Krissu couldn't harvest them without much effort since she was not an Alchemist.

"Who lives here?" she could not remember this from the games. No, wait, there was something here... Some quest or something. She did remember trekking up and down this route a couple of times in the old games. But not why.

((OOC: did Ange not take the Mayor's quest in Cherrygrove?))
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