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    Luxanna's Log #5 & a ½

    Back in Cherrygrove City, along with the egg that Lux had received from Mr.Pokemon, it was time to share her success with the mayor.

    "Told ya I'd get it!" said Luxanna as she held up the glass-cased protected egg. "It's not scrambled or fried, or anything! It's riiight here, safe and sound!"

    "Ah, excellent, thank you dear," thanked the mayor, as she gladly accepted the egg from Luxanna. "Yes, it's safe and sound as you said! I do apologize if this was such a bother for you."

    "Nah, it was nothing at all!" explained Lux with a smile. "The only thing weird was this zubat-crazy girl who was all like, SCIENCE IS AWESOME and such. But she was nice! We got to hang out and talk and such. By the way Miss Mayor, what's with this whole egg fiasco anyway?"

    "Don't worry about it," replied the mayor. "It's just something that this old bat had been wanting for a while now. And that Mr.Pokemon... what ever am I going to do with him. But, in any case, I believe I owe you an award!" She took out the technological hardware from her pocket that she promised Lux - it was an exclusive Pokegear. "Straight from Goldenrod City!"

    "Wooooow, it's amazing!" complemented Lux as she happily accepted her award. She then fiddles with the buttons and the features. "Hey is this...! It's music! Awww yeah, this is great, my favourite track! We all liiiive... in a pokemon world, PO-KE-MON...!"

    "I am glad you're enjoying it!" said the mayor with a smile. "You deserve it! I don't see much trainers nowadays who would do this old woman a favor... ahem. So young one, what do you intend to do now?"

    "I wanna be! The GREATEST MASTA OF THEM ALLL~ Greatest mastaaa..." Lux continued to sang, not listening to the mayor's question.

    "Ah, this girl sure is sure a special one..." the mayor thought with a chuckle.

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