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Ehhhh. Flu has epidemics and, on rare occasion, pandemics all the time and it's really nothing particularly scary. The vulnerable are vulnerable, yes, but it's reasonably easy to control via vaccination and I'd say relatively few people are vulnerable enough for it to pose serious enough issue.

Originally Posted by Livewire
if it's left untreated
As per 90% of cases. Unless it poses a serious threat, flu isn't something worth treating - mainly because most antiviral treatments are fairly expensive and have nasty side effects. Unless you're in a vulnerable position or are over 65 and vaccinations haven't worked, I don't imagine they'd be used at all. The best treatment is really just taking care of yourself and chucking the standard paracetemol, etc. at it.

Originally Posted by Livewire
there's always the chance of mutation
That's exactly how epidemics arise. The mutation's already happened - mutated just means it's changed to a state which we aren't immune to, like it does every time anyone has the flu, not strictly that it's at all dangerous.
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