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Tales of Graces f
I'm still kind of addicted to this game. n_n; I've got two playthroughs going right now, sort of. Finishing up the one with my brother when he's able to visit and we've just started the epilogue in that. The other is with my roommate and we've stopped at the end of the epilogue to do some final title grinding before our next (hopefully final) playthrough.

Persona 3 Portable
I've tried playing P3FES a whole bunch of times but I was really bad at it so I never got very far. This version is so much easier now that party members can be controlled so I'm having a lot more fun. I'm playing as the female protagonist and I think I'm in early August?

Okami HD
Finally picked this up and it's so pretty. :3 I love it! I've been meaning to replay Okami for ages and I'm glad I put it off for so long. It's a lot longer than I remembered. I know there are still a lot of places to go but I'm only on my way to Oni Island right now.

Pokemon Black 2
Got this for Christmas so I'm pretty late to the game but I'm enjoying it, I suppose. My team is pretty weird (Cherubi, Wailmer, Lucario, Growlithe, Tropius and Pawniard thus far) but that just makes it more interesting. I'm not very far. I'm exploring the sewers in Castelia with my rival right now and kind of gave up on it in favour of the games listed above for now.