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    Does Hoenn even need remakes? In a few years people who like Sinnoh will keep bugging everyone for remakes as well and of course it won't make any sense because Sinnoh is already made in semi-3D and looks pretty damn good.

    I could argue some points for a Hoenn remake:

    - Graphics.
    - Playing through Hoenn with 6th gen mechanics.

    That's basically all there is to it, and IMO, that's too little for a remake.

    For a remake to be worth it, they have to add something. FRLG had the Sevii Islands. HGSS had the Safari Zone, rematches with gym leaders and E4, many ways to catch Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokémon, new Viridian Forest, ability to catch the legendary birds, Battle Frontier... It was a ton of stuff. HGSS was the game I believe Gamefreak would've made if they had the resources back in 1999.

    Hoenn, I believe, was fully fleshed in Emerald. It's a quite long game and there's a lot to do, because of the long routes and very long gaps between badges (from second to third, and from third to fourth, you have to do much traveling). The post-game isn't as extensive as in other games because of it. There's the Sky Pillar, the Regis (which I think you can catch before the E4), ability to catch both Groudon and Kyogre, Latios and Latias, and the Battle Frontier. That's not a lot to do, compared to Platinum (which has a new island to explore) and HGSS (the whole of Kanto, as well as tons of legendaries), and even FRLG (Four Island and beyond, E4 rematch). But it's what they could add to the world without making an exceedingly long game. What else could they add to Hoenn? An island to catch Sinnoh Pokémon?

    Plus there's the fact that, after starting another playthrough of it, I realized it really wasn't that good of a game... It has some glaring difficulty issues. For example, the third gym uses Electric Pokémon, but the only Ground Pokémon you can find before Wattson is Geodude. In FRLG, for example, you can find Geodude, Sandshrew, and naturally Diglett. Before Flannery you can have Geodude, maybe fish for a Tentacool, or Gyarados (although Gyarados sucks in 3rd gen because it can't do crap with Water moves). It's quite ironic that the generation that introduced the most Water Pokémon has so few options before the Fire gym... It seems like they wanted to force you to start with Mudkip.

    Also, many of the new Pokémon introduced at the beginning of the game learn worthless moves by level up. Seedot and Lotad are very hard to raise (if you want a Grass type you have to catch a Shroomish, which is redundant if you started with Torchic), Ralts is stopped dead by the ever so common Poochyena, both evolutions of Wurmple are horrible, Marill has incredibly poor attacking stats... I see people complaining about Purrloin in BW, heck I'd rather have Purrloin than some of the Pokémon they give you at the beginning in Hoenn. You only find good Pokémon after the first badge (Taillow becomes more common and Abra is introduced), but Abra is annoying to raise until evolution. I got to a point in the game where I literally didn't know what to use because everything would become worthless later on, and I always end up with Taillow, Aron/Geodude, Electrike, maybe Ralts. Considering they give you the ability to choose between 200 Pokémon in Hoenn, that's a real lack of variety, either that or all the good Pokémon come really late into the game.

    I don't know, I just don't find Hoenn very enjoyable to play through... It seems the game wasn't very well thought out and they wanted to make a beautiful landscape but didn't make it very accessible.

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