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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
Cosmo! Happy birthday, man! Oh wait, is it your PC anniversary?
Haha, I'm just kidding. Congratu-freaking-lations for a whole year of fun and PC antics! Never had the chance to VM you even though I always saw you around here and there, so that's not good. We should talk more, maybe. After both of us get through these school stuff, yeah? :D

Anyway, I really hope that you'll stick around for more years to come. One year is a start! Good luck, and have fun adding up those PC days. (b'')b
Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
A little late, but congrats on the one-year PC-versary, Cosmo! :D Don't think we've ever spoken much but there's always time to change that, after all. Hopefully you're around for many more years to come!
I will VM you both. :D Hopefully I can get to know you both pretty well, at least. :)

Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
As Nathan said, congrats on one year and I ache to see you around for more.
I can assure I will stick around! :)

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
It's hard to believe that despite several LoAs he took, he managed to make it to one year.

Congrats Cosmo, and here's to more anniversaries on PC!

Make sure you stick around for my 2nd anniversary in March dude.

- Hikari10
I didn't take that many LoA's.... I took one from getting sick and another for having construction done that involved getting the router taken out for a while. xD Anyways, thanks! I have liked all your posts. :)
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