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Chapter 1.2

| ♀ | Lv. 5 | Lick, Pound.

Benjamin had been resting on Sandgems beach for almost an hour, but it felt like seconds to him. He sat as still as ever, as if he were carved from stone. Occasionally, the small, pink Pokemon resting in his lap would rustle about, trying to find a comfortable position to relax in on her trainers stony exterior. Unfortunately for her, it was to no avail. The Pokemon looked up at Benjamins face and let out a small growl, letting her discomfort be known to him. Hopping out of his lap, Smoochum squinted her eyes, pulled her right arm back, and struck her trainer with a vicious Pound attack. “Smooch smooch!”


Although the duo hadn’t known each other, it was quite obvious they had their differences. Smoochum was high-strung and quite the sassy Pokemon, while Benjamin was the complete opposite. She longed for attention while he longed to be alone. Her teal eyes angrily glared into her trainer, demanding all of his devotion. Stretching his limbs, the boy yawned and reached for Smoochums Pokeball. Detesting to be recalled, she yowled and beat at her trainers leg. Benjamin rubbed his temples and held out her Pokeball. Mumbling, he recalled his Pokemon and cursed under his breath.

In no hurry, Benjamin decided to take the long way back to town. A small road through the forest that lined the beach was begging for his attention and he couldn’t resist. His head hung low, refusing to look away from his feet. That is, until a young boy could be heard yelling a few yards behind him. “Hey doofus!” he shouted. Turning around, Benjamin wondered who would be shouting at him. “I’m over here!” The young boy flailed his arms around in the air, trying to catch Benjamins attention. He wore yellow floaties around his arms, some scuba googles wrapped around his forehead, and a dark blue speedo.

“Um, do I know you?” questioned Benjamin.

“No… but I saw you on the beach earlier.” His hands were rested on his hips, until he rose one and pointed it directly at the teen. “And I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”

Shifting his eyes side to side, Benjamins muscles tensed at the boys demand. “What!? I… um… I don’t own a Pokemon! I don’t even know your name!”

The youngster squinted his eyes and raised his voice. “You’re lying! I saw you with that girly pink thing on the beach earlier!”

Caught red handed…

“It looked smaller than my Pokemon, so that means I’m gonna beat you for sure!” His voice trailed off in the beginning, but regained confidence as he continued. Reaching for his Pokeball, he tossed it on the ground with extreme vigor and excitement. “Come on out, Growlithe!”