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    Originally Posted by CrystalRose View Post
    I know this might sound like a noob question since I'm new to the community and all..... and I've tried to search already before asking, especially on some mapping tutorials, but still no luck.

    I'd like to know where can I get "custom graphics resources" to input on my own hack. I mean:

    Like on those hacks. Stuff like the snow graphics, the "swamp like trees", the spider thing..... etc.

    I'd be glad if someone could link me to a place so I can get them.
    If there is anything, it will be in the rom hack resouces thread stickied just below this one. Most of those tilesets you see in hacks are drawn by the creater of the hack, specifically for their hack. So, if you're not an artist, and you can't find a rom base, you'll need to enlist an artist. Its a very sought after thing.

    Originally Posted by klemniops View Post
    I have some questions about person events:
    1. If I use a script to move a person event from one place to another, how can I have that event stay in the place when I warp away from and back to that map?
    2. How can I have an event start hidden? I have a map with many rock smash person events, but I don't want them to be visible until a level script is run.
    For the first one, use the comand movesprite2 after the movement. It is set up like this:

    movesprite2 0x(person ID) 0x(x-coordinate) 0x(y-coordinate)

    The second one is a little bit tougher. Different people have different opinions and I've done it more than one way. One option is to set their person ID as a flag number you are going to use. Then have that flag be set before the player enters the map. This will make them dissapear. Then, in the level script, clear the flag and the use the showsprite command inbetween two fadescreens to show them.

    -If the player is not in view of the rocks when the level script is called, you may not need the fadescreens.

    The other way I know only works for small objects, so it should work for rocks. Set their behavior in Amap as te second (or is it third?) hidden option. Yes, there is a differnce between them. This should make them appear invisible and unfeelable. Then, you can call a showsprite inbetween two fadescreen commands to show them, please note that with this methood, the rocks will dissappear if the player leaves the view of the rocks. I think there may be a permant showsprite command, but I'm not sure. Look into the command database built into XSE and see.

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