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Originally Posted by daniforday View Post
Hey, I finally finished the game! After 120 hours, and catching 281 pokemons!
Awesome, just awesome! The storyline is great, the level of difficult is so high, and that makes it one of best hacks I´ve ever played. With such strong opponents, you have to be strategical about which pokemon use, and which attacks put on them. At some games (original ones or hacks), the hardest opponent you get has a lv80 Pokemon or something, and normally it isn´t a strong pokemon. When your pokemons pass this level, the game just become pointless. Like, with a powerful lv100 pokemon, almost all of your attacks are 1 hit KO´s at the elite 4. The elite four of this game, and the final battle... Just Awesome. I had a hard time trying to defeat the champion, since I did not use any legendary pokemon at my team. I just love the difficult and the history line, love it. Congrats, an thanks for this hack, really
Can´t wait to see Dark Rising 2
I have some questions now that I finished the game:

- The girl at the entrace of the "Indigo Plateau" ( I think the name in this Hack is Malice Courtyard). My character says that he can sense that there´s a dragon on her pokeball, but i didn´t fight against her. Who is she? Did i get a battle with her?
- I get the Reshiram core, but after a capture it, the Zekrom core was gone. Am I supposed to get only one of them?
- Is there any events that trigger after I beat the elite 4? I saw some people saying that there´s an opitional battle against Giovanni... Is there anything to do after beat the elite?
- I didn´t find Groudon... where is he?
- Like I said in my other post, I get stucked when a Hiker freezes my game, an just to pass him I used an walkthrough walls code. I used it some other time just for fun, without saving, and I find a place called Tao Route. I´d never get in that place before, and I finished the game without knowing how to get there. How can I get there, and there´s something to do in this place?

And just sharing something that I found. I notice that Giratina was not supposed to be catched, since it belongs to the 8th gym leader. And ultra ball has 0% chance to get it, and to go on at the storyline, you have to defeat it at the spirit tower. But using one of my master balls I was able to catch it. But it didn´t learn any attack It cames with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw only :/ Still, great pokemon, high stats (:

Hope someone can help
And thanks for this hack DarkRisingGirl, really really great! Congrats!
Glad you enjoyed it! ^.^ Here's the answers to your questions:

-The girl in front of the Malice Courtyard is Jalice, a girl who will be a main rival in Dark Rising 2. You can't battle her, but her having a dragon indicates something important in Dark Rising 2. Remember, all of the main characters in the hack have Dragons ^.^ (And remember...Only You & Kaz took Pokeballs from Ivan. There was still 1 left...)

- Yes, you can only get one Dragon.

- Giovanni is in the cave where Thunderus disappears. However, it's best to return there After your Pokemon are in the 80s-90s. His Pokemon are very powerful & if you defeat him, he tells events of what is going to happen in Dark Rising 2.

-Groundon is in Inferno Mountain. You have to use Strength on the boulders after getting the HM from Kisho, the trainer you battle before entering Montage Fortress for the first time.

-The hiker problem has been fixed in the latest update. Tao route is a route that was orginally planed before reaching Dragon Valley. But it will be a add-on map in Dark Rising 1.5 & the house in Mystic Falls will be opened in that version as well.