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    1-5 Trainers... the bane of other Trainers?

    So it was that kind of nap. The long kind.

    Raiso rubbed his already sleepy eyes, then stretched and yawned. It was... 2 hours ago when he slept.
    Raiso gathered his bearings, returned his Pokemon to their PokeBalls. He should be walking to Jubilife now, shouldn’t he? He yawned.
    “Oh well,” he sighed, “I guess I better get going.” It was looking most peaceful, until purple was showing beyond him, where Jubilife should be. Wait. Purple...?
    “Sludge. Grimer sludge.” Being raised in Veilstone, where these creatures pretty much were created in the sewers, made it even more obvious. “This... isn’t the Jubilife I saw when I hiked here... in fact, there wasn't any Grimers nearby, now that I think of it.” He clenched his fists. “This is strange... and dangerous. I should go warn Fait... and the others who were at Rowan’s lab, so... I... have to... go!”
    Raiso began to run, ignoring the hunger in his stomach that was just pleading to come out. The hiking stick he was going to use stuffed in his bookbag, he began a full out sprint to Sandgem.


    “Wha-what?!” Raiso stopped at turn around. Crap. Not this... no... not now.
    Standing in front of him was a youngster. His orange cap backwards, his arm with a PokeBall outstretched, he glared at the person in front of him. “You will battle with me!”
    “Kid, I can’t. I have something very important to-”
    “NonoNO! You can’t! We’ve locked eyes! It’s taught in the Pokemon Trainer School!”
    “Which is why I’m running! I have to-”
    “You can’t run from a Trainer Battle!” The kid was almost whiny in his response.
    “Dang. I’ll end this quickly, then. C’mon out, Rocky!” The little green Pokemon materialized and bared his teeth.
    “Let’s go, new Pokemon! C’mon, Chickachor!” A Chimchar came out. “Or is it Chimmychor?” The trainer scratched his head, and his Pokemon was ready to scratch not only the Pokemon in front of it, but also the trainer behind it.
    “A Chimchar.” Raiso’s frown became a wicked grin. “Rocky! Use Sandstorm!” The Larvitar whipped up a good one, mixed with rocks and debris that made the weather worse. “Now! While he can’t see! Bite!”
    “Larva!” The Pokemon’s teeth clenched the Chimchar’s shoulder, making it all that much more lethal.
    “Chim! Chim! Chim!”
    “No, no no! Use Scratch, Chimchar!” As much as the Chimchar would love to obey properly (or not) he only had one hand to scratch with. And even then, it missed because of the constant Sandstorm.
    “Leer, and then Bite, Rocky!” The sandstorm began to die down as Rocky gave the Chimchar an intimidating look, lowering the Chimchar’s defenses as it suppressed a laugh. This gained an ‘oh hell no’ response from Rocky, biting the Chimchar again.
    “Heheh. Your Sandstorm has whittled out. Now! Use Scratch!” Rocky was scratched viciously as the Chimchar proceeded to dig its claws into the skin as Rocky just watched. Wait a second... just watched?
    “Larva... larva!” The Chimchar’s nails broke at the cry, the Larvitar’s rocky skin being too much for them to handle. The Chimchar gasped. “LARVA!” And as soon as it did, it received another bite from Rocky, knocking it out.
    “Had enough?” Raiso said grumpily.
    “No! I still have one more Pokemon!”
    “Go... Magika!”
    “That’s an interesting name... for a...”
    “That’s right! I’m getting a killer Magikarp on ya’! You ready?”
    Raiso mentally face-palmed. “Yeah. Sure." Rocky needed some rest, so... "Let’s do this, Raya!”
    “Shinn shinn!” The blue Pokemon jumped happily.
    “Alright! I’m ready!” Raiso yelled, returning his Larvitar. He looked towards Jubilife... or at least where it was supposed to be. I have to finish this soon! No matter what!
    “Magika! Use Splash!” Obviously, this kid had no idea what he was doing, and the Magikarp just flopped about.
    “Alright! Raya, use Tackle! And make a bit of static by rubbing your fur together!” Of course, the second move was the basis of the move Charge, but the Shinx couldn’t use that yet. It could do this, though.
    “Shiiiinnnn!” Raya shook her fur carefully, and little blue particles began to appear in the air. “Shinx!” The Pokemon hit the Magikarp, dead on.

    TO describe what happened in the rest of the battle is nearly pointless. After a spam wave of Tackles and Splashes, Raiso won. He began his dash back to Sandgem, deciding that he would stop at the Pokemon Center. In his rush, he saw Fait eating lunch. “Move it! Go to Jubilife, quick!” He yelled, “I’m going to warn the others that Rowan chose!” Raiso was panting, and he was tired, but he eventually made it to Sandgem.

    He encountered a group of people outside the Pokemon Center. I’ve seen most of them before, at... Rowan’s lab! “Guys!” He yelled, seemingly interrupting something, but knowing that what he was talking about was probably more important. You’re all part... *huff* of Rowan’s chosen... right? Get to... *pant* get to... *huff* get to Jubilife. It’s covered in Grimer sludge, I saw the slime, purple and shining brightly, from afar...” He fell on the ground. “So... tired....*huff*” He struggled to get up. “And hungry... *pant* I’ll go in the Pokemon... Center, and heal my Pokemon... *huff* and help myself to an apple. I’ll be back out in one sec...” Raiso flashed his signature grin, and walked in. “Oh and by the way...,” he said, “the name’s Raiso. Raiso... Ionis.” He entered, healed his Pokemon extremely quickly, and came out, eating not an apple, but a sandwich. “Nurse Joy sure is nice. Anyway, are you guys good to go? I’ll explain the situation in full as we walk... if you're coming. If not, I can try to handle it myself. And sorry for interrupting whatever seemed to be going on.” He looked at 'Julian.' That’s not a guy... he thought, thinking back to the experience he had gained in Veilstone. He showed no outwardly signs of that experience, quietly eating in anticipation of a response.
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