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    Originally Posted by The_Mew View Post
    Hmm, this whole water types thing i think, is mainly caused by the lack of good rods at the beginning of the game. This requires the player to either catch a water pokemon on land or use a magikarp/tentacool hm slave when surfing is needed. Anyway, placing a good rod earlier in the game, (maybe around the 3rd gym?) you would never be in any need of water pokemon.
    I never fish for Pokemon... but I wouldn't mind being given the rod earlier into the game.

    I think it doesn't really matter about how you get Pokemon, just as long as the Pokemon are actually there. I think the lack of Water types in B/W is completely independent of the lack of a rod. If they were to remove Seismitoad from the Grass, and make it a fishing-only Pokemon instead (and the only Pokemon available by fishing) that changes nothing. It's all about Pokemon being accessible, not in which ways Pokemon are accessible.

    Just my opinion.
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