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Hmm that is a good point, I don't believe Cyrus originally owned the Crobat because he hasn't shown a hint of affection for his Pokemon, he only wants their power and that's it. They do mention in throughout D/P/Pt, hand over your Pokemon and things like that, along with defeated grunts complaining about how their Pokemon will be taken away from them so I also believe Cyrus possibly stole them from a grunt or a trainer he has defeated.

Cyrus is also one of my favourite villains personally, it's interesting how he doesn't want to take over the Pokemon universe or in this case Sinnoh, but instead destroy it completely and wipe out all trainers. I'm agreeing with Cerberus and saying how the way he treated the Lake Trio, other Pokemon was absolutely awful, one of the most notorious villains throughout the whole series for me.

And yeah! I think Cyrus's past has been mentioned once or twice, but my theory is he was either an orphan who was mistreated or teased by others and started seeking revenge on those who made him miserable, he had cruel parents, there must of been something to turn him this way, I don't believe anybody is born like this.
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