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Just a quick list of specifics:
  • The artstyles don't conform to a single vision - the character sprites, the background, and the UI each look like they're from a different game.
  • The font stuff, as mentioned several other times.
  • The Professor's dialog, in conjunction with the font issues, make it sound as if she's trying too hard to convince us. For example: "That is why I study Pokemon EVERY day," - I almost expect her to follow it up with, "because Pokemon Philosophy is a real job, mom."
  • The text balloons are very distracting - it might be because they're so big and just a solid color - but I much prefer a more understated text box, like the one present in the selection menus and in the name choice screen.

Now, when I said it "doesn't look like a game" I meant that what I'm seeing feels more like a proof of concept than something tangible that could be played - something that you would show off a few weeks into a project to show that something could come of it, for the reasons listed above.

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