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    And yes, actually, the first Azurill I caught was Bashful, continuing the creepy string of neutral nature pokemon in this playthrough. So I turned the game off, chanted a rite of exorcism over it, and tried again.

    It took about 8 or 10 Azurills before I got a good one - Brave nature and decent stats (hard to tell when they're that low a level, but they're at least not notably bad). Then I hung around Floccesy Ranch for a while, getting the grass to shake and trying to scare up a Dunsparce (yeah, I know, but I like it anyway). But then.... I discovered the Habitat list on the Pokedex. I hadn't planned on "catching 'em all," since I already caught and trained and evolved pretty much everything in White. I was just going to catch the ones I thought I might actually use and the ones I just like, but the power of a new game feature compels me - I'm going to have to catch 'em all. So first I went back down to Route 20 and caught the ones I'd ignored the first time through - Patrat, Pidove and Sunkern - then I went back to Floccesy Ranch and caught a Psyduck, then went back to hunting for a Dunsparce. Spent I-don't-know-how-long running back and forth, then checking out a bit of shaking grass only to find yet another Audino (though Azurill and Riolu both evolved along the way, so that's something), and finally got lucky and not only found one, but found one with Serene Grace and Lonely nature. Then it was down the hill to the dark grass on Route 20 to catch a Venipede. And the first one I came up with was Adamant, so that was great. Fought the trainers along the way and went on to Virbank City.

    It's probably noteworthy that GF actually put a Poison gym in the game, but they made sure that you couldn't even have a Ground or a Psychic before you got there. They even rearranged Lucario's moves so that it doesn't learn Bone Rush until level 29. That just illustrates, to me, how much of a disadvantage poison types have - in order to make a poison gym viable, they had to make sure that you have nothing SE against poisons.

    Went through town and talked and collected stuff, then went down to the Complex and started filling in the Pokedex. Caught a Magby, didn't even look at it and boxed it. Caught a Koffing, didn't even look at it and boxed it. Then I settled in to catch a Growlithe and a Magnemite. It took a few hours of catching and resetting, but I finally came up with a Modest Magnemite and a really nice Serious Growlithe. Then fought the rest of the trainers and collected the rest of the items, and now I'm grinding the team before going into Roxie's gym. Currently - Growlithe, Magnemite, Lucario, Marill, Venipede and Mareep. Snivy's sitting this one out - Grass in a Poison gym just isn't going to hack it.

    Edit for another:

    Blew through Roxie's gym. It was honestly sort of disappointing, and I'd even already lowered my expectations. It was okay, I guess, but the music wasn't that impressive (and really should've been, what with the theme of the gym and all) and there was no pattern or puzzle to it. Then went out and talked and it was off to Pokestar Studios. That was... okay. It's a bit tedious, so I only did the first set (the alien movies, 1 through 4), then I got tired of mashing A trying to speed things up and left. Went down to the dock and caught the ship to Castelia.

    Ran around town, found all the harlequins, fought through the Battle Company (fewer trainers than in BW - sort of a shame), went out to Liberty Garden, poked around, came back, then down into the Sewers.

    The double battles with Cheryl in Eterna Forest in DPPt were probably the best and most convenient grinding opportunity in any of the games, at least until Audino. I hoped that the same would be true with Hugh in the Sewers, but somehow it wasn't. Probably mostly because all it is is Zubats, Rattatas and Grimers, and there just aren't enough experience points to be had from them. I wandered around for a while and ground Servine up to 20 and Growlithe and Marill up to 18 (and Marill evolved to Azumarill), but that was about all I could take, so we fought the grunts and Hugh left. Then I went back down on my own and poked around some more in the Sewers and in Relic Passage. Nice to get Lefties this early in the game. Caught everything in the Sewers - Grimer and Rattata just went straight into the box and will certainly never come out, but I spent a long time finding a nice Jolly Zubat. Crobat is one of my all-time favorites. Caught some Woobat or another in Relic Passage - straight into the box - and am currently wandering around there, hoping to run into a Drilbur and wondering what the other thing is that's down there, since the Habitat list is still incomplete.

    Team at the moment - Servine, Lucario, Magnemite, Azumarill, Growlithe, Zubat.