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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Agreeable? Very...Oh, that Skarmory at the very bottom's from masaru3...and it's very agreeable. If you'd like some more Shiny Pokemon, alright...just tell me which ones you'd like, then we'll see.
For sure, I'll take that Female Jolly DW Anorith, then...
Fine with me. I'll be fine with just trading those 5 shiny pokes and the dw poke for now.

FC is as in my OP.
Hmm, do you agree on trading just Lileep for the Shiny Suicune? Because Lileep has a really bad female rate, therefore it's hard to breed a female and even harder to breed a female with the DW ability.
I can give it a nature of your choice
Whoops sorry, missed your post. I guess I can do that for a Relaxed natured one, and if not then Bold.

Also herp not online rn off on impromptu walk back in couple hours. And back online.
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