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@Warrior Cat I'm happy that someone read my updates and also like them even with my bad English :D

anyway let's get started on Sinnoh


-story blablabla
-caught the Braveon Route 202
-I'll grind thatto at least LV15 or Roark will be a 5/5 difficult xD i think
-done Trainer School
-the beginning is sooo boring xD
-defeated Rival
-done every possible Routes
-I'm grinding vsyay xD
-evolved on Route 207 finally and learnt Water Gun! YAY!!

: difficulty 1/5
well I learnt Water Gun for profits xD

-taughtRock Smash
-caught afor HM purposes
-received Honey *_*
-trying to catch an...(a day later...)
-at the 1st try I caught the Adamant(*_*)at Route 205's tree with Run Away which will
turn into Technician..i mean the perfectxD
-Defeated Galactic at Valley Windworks
-done Eterna Forest

: difficulty 2/5('s fault xD)
is a powerhouse but i sacrificed myto heal him xD I made it with Fury Swipes

-done Galactic Building
-hatched the egg and 's nature is Sassy
-done Cycling Road,near Routes,and Mt.Coronet..'till Hearthome xD

: difficulty 1/5
*easy with and a couple of X-Items

-beat Rival
-done everything 'till i finally reached Solaceon
-bought a lot of moomoo milk
-reached Veilstone

hope next update will contain more things this 1st part took me almost 2 and a half day xD
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons