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    -- First Progress Report --
    Assigned Team: Dewgong, Delibird, Tauros, Furret, and Gyrados

    -Named my character Chikura, one of my go-to names.
    -Rival's name is Ijimeko, which is Japanese for bully (it's actually spelt Ijimekko, but not enough character spaces).
    -Chose a Cyndaquil cuz why not? They're cool. Named him Cinder (yup original lol).
    -As soon as I got PokeBalls from Ethan I caught my little Sentret, named her Fidget.
    -After fighting all the trainers I could and conquering Sprout Tower Fidget was level 13. I trained her up to 14 in wild battles and attempted the gym; she just couldn't cut it though ; ;. But then I remembered she'd evolve into Furret at level 15 so I just turned off battle scenes and trained her up until she evolved :3
    -Falkner's Pidgey was a pushover, and Fidget was so awesome she didn't even let Pidgeotto get off one Roost as she critical-hit it with her Quick Attack on the second turn =D And that's where I'm at so far!

    Current Party:
    Fidget ♀, the quiet and highly curious Furret, level 15. Quick Attack/Fury Swipes/Defense Curl/Foresight
    Cinder ♂, the careful Cyndaquil who likes to run, level 9 (HM slave starter). Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen
    Smasher ♀, the jolly Rattata who often dozes off, level 3 (HM slave, knows Rock Smash). Tackle/Tail Whip/Rock Smash
    And the Togepi Egg.