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I've done lots so far in Crystal with Aden the Magmar.Right now I've just easily beaten Jasmine knocking out all her Pokemon with a quick flamethrower and Fire Punch before receiving the TM Iron Tail and then saved right there. Here are the main updates throughout my journey so far.

•Hacked in Aden the Magby as my starter.
•Did the beginning tutorial, getting the Pokedex, Pokegear etc.
•Made my way up to Violet City, catching a Geodude for HM Slave purposes.
•Easily swept through Sprout Tower with Ember and 1HKOed Falkner's Pokemon.
•After receiving the badge, had a little difficulty in the Dark Cave and saved the slowpokes.
•Beat Bugsy and Silver easily with help from Ember again.
•Got to Goldenrod City and bought Thunder Punch from the Department Store.
•Beat Whitney easily with a few Fire Punches, Miltank was a little troublesome though.
• Headed up and defeated Sudowoodo before thrashing Morty.
•Defeated the Kimono Girls and got Surf.
• Made my way down to help at the Lighthouse and then headed to Cianwood.
•Beat Chuck with Fire Punch and Thunder Punch easily.
•Got back to Olivine and easily beat Jasmine before saving.


Aden the Magmar Lv. 41
-Thunder Punch
-Fire Punch
-Sunny Day
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