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    I’m currently experimenting in pokemon yellow on the advanced glitches that, to my knowledge, aren’t really well known. (or not a lot is known about them or how they work) I’m talking about other glitch pokemon, glitch items, Q, and combining pokemon and things along that line.

    someone on youtube named missingno expert (can't post links cause I'm new) made a series of interesting videos on them and I was honestly surprised how far it went.

    Is this a good place to discuss this? Is there much interest in this?
    I didn’t look through this whole thread so let me know if all of this has already been covered extensively. I’d like to collect info on these and see what more it has to offer. (even if he already covered everything or most things, I’d like to myself)
    I’m doing this on an emulator btw, I have cartridges but they are glitchy from being old, and I don’t feel like using my gameboy anymore.