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Defeated Cynthia and beat Pokemon Pearl tonight. Now I have the Johto and Sinnoh region completed. Just Kanto, Hoenn and Unova regions left. I'm working on Pokemon Red right now, just defeated Brock. Wish me luck!

Kanto: 1/8

Final team I beat Pokemon Pearl with:


Nickname: Furball
Lvl. 75
Moveset: Flame Wheel | Mach Punch | Close Combat | Swords Dance

Nickname: Firepony
Lvl. 19
Movesest: Tackle | Growl | Stomp | Ember

Nickname: HM SLAVE 1
Lvl: 17
Moveset: Rock Climb | Strength | Rock Tomb | Rock Smash

Nickanme: HM SLAVE 3
Lvl: 17
Moveset: Surf | Cut | Waterfall | Water Gun

Nickname: HM SLAVE4
Lvl: 21
Moveset: Fly | Wing Attack | Double Team | Endeavor

Beat game time: 13: 14

I mainly used Infernape throughout my adventure. Use swords dance and he becomes a monster that can sweep entire teams

Main points today:
-Defeated Volkner at the Sunnyshore gym
-Breezed past the Elite Four
- Won Swords Dance in Veilstone after playing the slots
- Defeated Rival Stan for the last team
- Defeated the Elite four and the Champion