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I joined the past Fire-type clubs so yeah, why not?

Username: Hikari10
You partner fire types: Chimchar and Chandelure
Why do you like fire types?: Fire-types are awesome, and great to have on a team since most have good stats and learn some good moves too, not to mention most of them look badass!

Talk about the Pokemon you chose while joining this club.Why did you choose them?
Chimchar is my fave unevolved Fire Starter (although I'm starting to like Fennekin too) and I always often choose him when I play Diamond, Pearl or Platinum cos he's a handy Pokemon to have who only gets better as he evolves, and me being a Monkey in Chinese Zodiac, it's fitting I do like monkey-based Pokemon.

Chandelure is my fave Fire-type from 5th Gen (alongside Reshiram and the Tepig line) and I always love having one on my team due to its monstrous Special Attack, it's also got a good unique typing of Ghost/Fire and can learn some great moves like Flamethrower and Shadow Ball, and it also gets the Grass-type Energy Ball to counter its weaknesses to Rock, Ground and Water. Sometimes they can have Flame Body, which is handy for hatching eggs quickly and I love its design. Also, I love how Chandelure and its pre-evos Litwick and Lampent are among the few Fire-types to not have any red or orange coloring, and their Shiny colors look good too!
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