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    Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post
    Pokemon is literally about carrying the monsters with you, not just in PokeBalls in the game, but on you DS/3DS in real life. Of course people want another XD or Colosseum, but you'd be more limited in interacting with other players. Of course Wi-Fi battles would be included on a home console and was the main focus of Battle Revolution, but the majority of fans agree that Battle Revolution was not really a good game.

    Pokemon does its best on handhelds and honestly doesn't need to be on home consoles. Making something "bigger" won't make it better. An MMO is something won't be happening and doesn't need to since Wi-Fi common now, Pokemon is already basically an MMO. (Which doesn't make sense anyway, since the main plot of every Pokemon game is meant to be played alone.)

    I have to disagree with the article's claim that GameFreak is oblivious to what would work and what the fans want. The fans have come up with every kind of suggestion for what would make the games supposedly better, but most of those ideas would ruin the franchise. (such as, make the games M-Rated for the adults!) GameFreak knows what they're doing, otherwise they'd have gone out of business long ago.
    I could see what you mean. It is true that being a handheld game means Pokemon can live up to its reputation as "pocket monster" after all. But Like I said in my comment, people love choices. Pokemon isn't a game that need huge development budget like GTA IV and yet it sales more than any recent AAA titles. With that amoun of money, they could still develop the handheld main series along another spin-offs for consoles. Game Freak and Nintendo (despite their debt) would hardly lacking manpower or money to develop other game for console. A

    They have basis of what they said that Game Freak and Nintendo kinda oblivious to what the fans really want. Because, you know, I'm pretty sure from bussiness perspective releasing a well developed Pokemon console for console means a lot for Nintend current console, the Wii U. Many people like would like to buy Wii U just for Pokemon alone I'm sure of that. And reminding that Nintend still have huge debt, this also mean more income as their console sells more. That is why they called Nintendo is oblivious not just to their fans, but also to themselves as well IMO.

    I'm not asking the Pokemon title on console would rated M (That would too much I said. Let M-Rated content just in other media like manga or novel, if they are any). What I think is there should be T-rated Pokemon at least. BW is a huge step, but it was not enough since the execution done poorly.

    Pokemon is a Japanese RPG Made By a Japanese Developer With Japanese Audience in Mind I tell You
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