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I'm not extremely great with introductions but I'll do what I can

My name is steve, 20 years of age, born & raised in usa.

Been into pokemon since the original big block game boy. My first experience was when I was 5 or 6 & pokemon yellow was newly released. Was much into the pokemon anime & still am so this was a great way to get in. I've played every gb(a) version of pokemon with the exception of blue version. I've not beaten the champion/rival on every one. M

My favorite version by far was sapphire. It was my prime, put well over 100 hours into it, with it nearing is silver version which came close only to a total of approx 45 hours. I attempted to get into pokemon on the pearl/diamond generation but unfortunately a family member of mine damaged my ds & the game inside of it and retired from pokemon until about a year ago. I recently purchased a 3ds & pokemon white & started up again.

My favorite pokemon is chikorita with pikachu very close behind. My reasoning for being interested in chikorita so much is how it acts in the anime & the look of it. Something about the leaf just on top of its head just makes it so cute.

I'm currently taking on a few challenges as I love variety in my life.

Thanks for reading
Short bio: I keep myself busy with lots of things to choose from, this applies to games & pokemon especially keeping a wide variety in my PC as well as "versions" playing. Since I'm new to this community I'll be enjoying quite a few challenges as well.

Current Game Progress(es)

Pokemon White - 2/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 18

Pokemon Firered - 5/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 38


- Random Challenge
~ Emerald - 0/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 0 (Haven't started quite yet)
^ Current given team - Ninjask, Vulpix, Whishcash, Wynaut, Electrode, and Swalot
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