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Swag trend: It just looks bad and it makes rap look bad since most people that dresses up like that tends to listen to 'rap' and 'hiphop' and give real rap a bad name.

Justin Bieber fans: Just because you like his looks doesn't mean he has talent. I'm hating on him because he's making money and I'm not? Take out most of the girl fans he got, what does he have? Not much more of a fan base.

Twilight hate: It's a bad movie based on a bad novel yes, but they have tons of movies that are worse.

People hating on rock/rap: Just because you don't listen to a certain genre, doesn't automatically make it "suck." Both rap and rock have their own fair share of worthless artists and bands. None of them are superior to each other.

Bronies: I hate those people that watch MLP and say that if you don't watch it you automatically suck. Just because I don't enjoy a 7 year old TV show doesn't mean I suck. Stop trying to shove your interest other into other peoples throats.

Call Of Duty: It's a FPS game that tends to repeat practically the same process as the previous game, I don't see how it keeps getting rated by people as the best game ever.

Chain letters/ 'Like if you' pictures: You won't die by a girl tonight, so don't share that picture. And I really don't think your mom is going to die in 2 days if you don't post that chain letter to 10 different people.

Pop/bad rap radio music: All these song abou getting laid, drinking, smoking and clubbing are getting really old. Also kids listen to the radio

Disney pop kids: I hate those kids, go back with animated mouses, ducks and dogs. Those were more fun to look at.

Apple products: No. They're not the 'best' things out there. It's just that you don't know how to compare it to other products.

Weed: Just because tons of kids are doing it means you gotta smoke too? Stop please. You're not a total gangster for smoking weed. Your parents still give you a curfew and they gave you a bed time.

Alcohol: No, I don't wanna get wasted and have the best night of my life and won't even remember what the hell happened to me. How would I know it was the best night ever when I can't even remember what the hell I did? I prefer knowing what I did that night and knowing it was fun.

PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PC war: We don't care which console you like better. Each of them are good in their own way. Now shut up and enjoy whatever you prefer without having to shove it down the throats of other people.

Sorry if I offended anyone. These are my opinions.

I didn't realize the other thread was 2 years old. Someone made it active again *_*
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