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I'm sitting here & playing my team and as I'm playing this ziggzaggoon is going to drive me crazy. I've never liked route 1/2 typish normal pokemon.

Is it possible to get a full re-roll please? The only one I really prefer on this team is crawdaunt and I can deal with glalie but its not a favorite of mine. Not asking to many favorites but the randomness had to choose almost all the ones I don't have an exact fond of.

Heres my sign-up again if needed

Name: Believeinsteve
Game: Emerald
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: NFE with the exception of any of the first 3 gen's first form starters.
Short bio: I keep myself busy with lots of things to choose from, this applies to games & pokemon especially keeping a wide variety in my PC as well as "versions" playing. Since I'm new to this community I'll be enjoying quite a few challenges as well.

Current Game Progress(es)

Pokemon White - 2/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 18

Pokemon Firered - 5/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 38


- Random Challenge
~ Emerald - 0/8 - Avg Pokemon Lvl: 0 (Haven't started quite yet)
^ Current given team - Ninjask, Vulpix, Whishcash, Wynaut, Electrode, and Swalot