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    I do agree with some of the points you make. I'll just answer them in order.

    How do you think the challenge of finding rare legendary pokemon should be like in these games?
    For non mascott legendaries I think there should be some sort of trial to find them. Like say for cobolion, terrakion, and virizion, you maybe have had to battle them and defeat them once or twice(after each battle finding its next location), before it deems you ready to fight and capture it for real in its home/habitat/territory. Like how you had to chase suikune around jhoto and khanto(but shortened). Oh the legendaries would be noticibly stronger in its fight with you until it is actually caught, just to make it more of a challenge.

    How long should the journey be to find each legendary pokemon? Where should they be located to suit the themes that they represent? For each version mascott, I beleive the time you start the game and until the time where you climax in the story where you fight the legendary suites well for pretty much every game if i'm not mistaken. In B/W 2 you cant even catch Kyreum until after its rested back in the giant casm. And in the originals you get reshiram or zeckrom in the final battle with N. So I think its all right.
    As for the other legendaries, I do agree that you must face a bit more of an ordeal to find each legendary but I cant think of any that at the momment. But I do think that the non-mascott legendaries should reside in their chosen home unless given a reason to be out and about when you capture them.

    How difficult should it be to capture legendary pokemon in these games?
    I dont beleive anything is wrong with they capture rates as they are exceedingly low with all legendary pokemon. People just get realllly lucky. However I think a sauitable feature for legendaies(that suites their legendary status) for all legendaries to be immune to pokeballs, greatballs, or special pokeballswhen they are not using their advantagous effect( ex.: using duskball in day light = no capture. In darkness the capture is possible).
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