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    @~CreamyChoco~: I'm sorry to hear about your arm and the problems you're having with bullies. Remember to get help from an adult if someone is giving you trouble. Congrats on the shiny Surskit!

    @PekoponTAS: I'm sorry to hear about your save file deleting itself. That's very unusual. Once when I had Ruby connected to my Gamecube a message popped up on my GBA saying that the file was corrupt and everything was switched to the 2nd save file. Every game has a backup save file incase the first one becomes corrupt, so luckily I didn't lose any Pokémon. I've never heard of it deleting itself like that before.

    Congrats on the shiny Shaymin, Lunafloon!

    Congrats on the shiny Meditite, Keruso!

    This week's random hunt is... Numel! Sorry for being late.

    On Black 2 I ended up catching a bunch of Elgyem Synchronizers until I got a Bold one for Cresselia. It took five Bold Elgyem to get one with the Synchronize ability. I also got Jolly, Timid, and Modest, which came in handy for other legendary Pokémon that I caught. Zekrom was extremely easy. I ended up keeping the third one I caught. The first two were caught on the first turn with a Quick Ball, and the third one was caught with the second Poké Ball, a Timer Ball, and his health was 7/8 full. Kyurem took a lot more Timer Balls to catch. Currently, I'm almost done with Pinwheel Forest. I just have to catch some Pokémon there.
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