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"OI!" booms a man's voice, the accent carrying itself far before landing in the woman's ears, causing the half-elf to freeze in her tracks, both startled and now anxious due to recognizing the owner of said voice. "Get your a$$ back in the bar right now! We're talking business!"

"****!" she thought to herself, already distraught but her feelings worsening over whatever the highman might need to talk to her about. "Dammit, why can't he wait until AFTER everyone leaves the bar? I hate that place..."

THUD!! The man's athletic toss of her money bag tackles the backside of the woman's head, catching her completely by surprise as the momentum and shock sends her hurling towards the poop-ridden street below her. Of course, the woman is met with a friendly, fresh, warm pile of dung, her face catching the brunt of the excrement's wrath while her merc. money ricochets off of her head and down the street further before rolling to a stop several yards away. Reeling from facial agony, Xeye slowly lifts herself up with her arms before leaning to her left and untying the cloth she holds around her waste, shaping it in her right hand and bringing it too her face to clean off the waste plastered all over her face and down her chest a little too. She hastily cleans the mess, knowing that it wouldn't be in her best interest to take too long in responding to the Highman. After doing her best to cleanse the filth from her face, cleavage and clothes, she scrambles up to her feet, struggling to get herself completely upright as her left foot slips on yet another pile of manure, but she recovers, planting her right foot hard onto the hard street surface and lunges forward, grabbing her strained pouch of coin and making a quick u-turn around back to the source of her most recent agony, the home of the cruel, mean, buttheaded patrons that is the Broken Keg.

After all the misery that befell her upon those dirty streets that the unruly tavern sits upon, Xeye stumbles onto the tavern's porch, bruising her knee before recovering, reaching for the door before her actions then cease. Looking upon the door, her eyes lay upon it thinly, her long, wavey frown and her head aimed somewhat downward, hesitation setting in as she anticipates the torture that undoubtedly awaits her. Sure, she can swing an axe, fling a burst of flame, or just beat someone up, but the otherwise tough and battle hardened maiden of mixed descent is hopelessly no match for the witty retorts and harsh tongues of those who know how to assail one with verbal viciousness. Slowly as to not make even a peep, she tries to trickle into the room like a mouse. Normally, one would think a small woman like Xeye would be adept at sneaking around like a rabbit, but her size can't compensate for the young woman's clumsiness, causing the door to make a loud creek from opening it too slowly, and unfortunately grabbing some of the bar attendants' attention, but not before nearly crashing into the floor below her, catching herself with her left foot and instead collapsing to her thighs instead of having yet another face-to-floor make-out session. Before she catches on to the gaze and attention of the intimidating tavern-goers, her body scurries along to the wall of the tavern just beside the door, hugging her knees tightly to her breasts while sinking her head to the tip of her knees, almost as if she were pouting. Her focus, before she incites the auditory abuse of the tavern customers, is quickly directed towards Varian and her gang, who she catches in a conversation with some hooded man and occasionally, the oft-drunk redhead Cass.

"You'll forgive me if I don't share my name, but I came with the job offer under the intention of secrecy. Had I not wanted that, I would have chosen a more…direct way of getting my daughter back to me. This offer shall only come once. Either accept it, or do not," utters the hooded man, barely audible from her distance and the constant echoing and shouting of drunken men everywhere, the first and only words Xeye manages to pick up, assuming this is what the Highman had called her back for.

"A daughter abducted? I'm not sure what the big deal is, but this guy sure is secretive. Is this what Wolf Pops wanted me to hear? Another mission? Well, he better let me clean all this **** off first. It's his damn fault I'm caked in it to begin with. Mean-a$$..." she contemplates to herself, shifting her head forward so that her hearing might pick up more of the conversation.

"Alright. We accept," declares the Highman, striking up a deal with the merchant, who, from the sound of his response, seems to appreciate the news delivered to him. "Thank you, warriors!"

"Looks like it... A bit hasty to accept a new task so quickly after the last one. That man must've given Wolf Pops a real bargain of a deal," ponders the huddled up girl, picking up whatever traces of intelligence she can from their conversation on the other side of the tavern room.

"Now, I know you wouldn’t want to set off right away, and without any knowledge of the mission. Tomorrow at the break of dawn, meet me in front of the gates of Dalenham, ready to go, and I’ll bestow upon you the first half of the payment, as well as additional information. Is this acceptable?"

Varian nods accordingly, sealing the deal with the hooded guy, causing the man to close the deal. "I will see you tomorrow, then. I cannot thank you enough."

Before long, the hooded man makes his way to the exit, but not before his gaze meets Xeye's who's still huddled up against the wall of the tavern by the door's left side. It was for just a moment, but their eyes had met. However, it became too brief for Xeye to analyze, with Hooded Guy departing too swiftly. Something felt different this time for sure, and the half-elf would certainly keep her guard up on this next mission. Joining her companions is not even contemplated, especially given her abstinence from alcoholic beverages, preferring her region of the tavern floor to process the details of the gang's next assignment.

"I hope this is worth it. I have a bad feeling about this..."
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