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    Following the attack, Tepig pushed away Oshawott with a tackle attack and attempted another tackle on Zorua. Leon looked at the situation and prepared for the combination he had thought of with Snivy and Tepig. "Snivy, use your legs to toss Zorua into Oshawott." Snivy complied with her trainer's command and after Zorua was stunned by Tepig's tackle, she tossed Zorua into Oshawott. "Now get on Tepig's back for the combo" Leon commanded. Snivy got on Tepig's back and they began charging at the stunned Oshawott and Zorua. Leon moved over to his partner. "Now have Tepig use Heavy Slam. With Tepig and Snivy's combined weight the move will do more damage than if it was just your Tepig. This is the combo I figured out so let's see if it can hit the mark." Leon winks at his partner and awaits him to give Tepig the command.
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